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Business Partners


If you want to recommend and resell the product to your patients, clients or customers, you may apply to become a Business Partner of our company. We offer very attractive dealer discount. Please contact us at 1-626-607-6076 for detail.

Our Business Partners:

Detox For Wellness LLC.
30 Winthrop Downs
San Antonio, Texas 78257
Phone: (915)929-8034


OC Brain and Body Health Center
27001 La Paz Rd., Suite 142
Mission Viejo, CA 92691
Phone: (949)462-3750

San diego, CA
Phone: (442)444-0050

931 University Ave. #101
Honolulu, Hawaii 96826
Phone: (808)955-5252


Jeff Dillon
Westfield, IN 46062
Phone: (317)363-1720

Cecile Sullivan
Billings, MT 59102
Phone: (406)655-8895





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