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By using PRO800, you will get effective results a great deal faster than drinking Ion Water or wearing Ion Clothing. You will feel relaxed and sleep better within a few days, your body PH level will be boosted by 0.5 in 2 - 3 weeks, and you will feel and look younger in a few months. The following are some exciting testimonials from our customers:

"I own a health center in Orange County that specializes in Auto-immune disorders such as Lyme, Lupus, MS, and Fibromyalgia, etc. I have a PHD in Health Science, and I am always looking for tools to help my patients achieve a full recovery. Pro800 Negative Ion System is an important tool in a patient’s recovery and prevents future pathogen exposures that cause auto-immune disorders if used methodically. At my health center we use the ion pad to first rid the patient of virus, bacteria, parasites and fungus that are commonly the beginning of the disorder and always a deterrent on recovery. We call the ion pad "a second immune system" due to its ability to kill off pathogens you are exposed to on a daily basis that your own immune may not be able to handle. This creates permanence for the patient. Scientific studies show that negatively charged ions attach to, and kill even elusive pathogens such as candida, spirochete, rickettsia etc.

Personally I feel that everyone should have an ion pad, used daily it can prevent pathogens from having the time to cause a multitude of health issues. I have one in my bed, my children have one in their beds, we use it every night. It is reasonably priced, well made and easily maintained. My opinion is that it is a valuable part in our daily health."
-- Claudia Airola PhD, OC Brain and Body Health Center

"I provide detoxification sessions to my clients with PRO800. Almost everyone’s body pH increased after a few sessions that means their body became less acidic and more healthy. Everyone feels better after going through a series of detoxification sessions. For example, one client did a total of seven sessions. And her urine pH was up from an initial 6.4 to 6.9 pH with no changes in her diet. Another client lost 13 pounds in 8 weeks and felt a lot better than she had before."

“When you have Lyme, most likely you are also dealing with yeast, fungus, metals, viruses, parasites and various other bacteria. After trying various approaches, including aggressive and damaging ones, I’ve learned that gentle is the best. That's why I like the PRO800 Body Rejuvenation System. I’ve only continue to feel better without harsh die-off. My family members use the pad daily in order that we do not re-infect each other by anything we may pick up. We track the parasite, fungal and Lyme loads with a particular scanner device. After using the PRO800 for a few weeks, those loads are significantly lowered.”

“There are some new negative ion machines (PRO800) on the market that are very healing. They create positive influences in the body in a very passive way. By just sitting on a special electronic matt that increases serotonin levels for a positive mood, it helps a person recover faster from workouts, gets rid of aches and pains, induces better quality sleep, improves memory and alertness, helps with adrenal fatigue, stress, asthma, general inflammation, thyroid problems, slows the aging process… and helps people recover from surgeries faster… plus much more.”
---- Dr. Paul Haider, please click HERE to view the whole article.

“In the past, I woke up at least twice every night. After using PRO800 for 3 days, I can now sleep for 8 hours continuously without waking up at all”.

“I get deeper/restful sleep after using the PRO800, and always wake up fully refreshed”.

“After 2 months of using the PRO800, my anxiety (panic attack) symptom had reduced 90%. My Blood pressure dropped from 160 to 130 in the first week of using the PRO800”.

“After only 2 weeks using the PRO800, I’ve noticed I have a better skin tone”.

“I usually need to stay home for a few days whenever I catch the flu, but surprisingly enough, after using PRO800 immediately, I am able to go to work the next day full of energy”.

“My 3-year old daughter would cry a lot and have difficulty falling asleep, but if I hold her while sitting on the PRO800 mat for only 5 minutes, she becomes very restful and sleeps well through the night”

“Usually, my whole body gets sore and tired for at least 3 days after a ski trip. Fortunately, by using PRO800 for a 20 minutes session after every ski trip, I wake up the next morning fully refreshed and with NO soreness at all. Now, my PRO800 is always with me wherever I go”.

“I used PRO800 after recently spraining my ankle and after 2 days of use, my ankle completely recovered. In the past it has taken me at least a week or more to recover.

“My hyper nervous dog becomes calm after using PRO800”

"After a few weeks of using PRO800, I started to notice that the fine lines and wrinkles on my face were reduced, my skin was glowing and my energy level was getting higher. My wife told me that I look 10 years younger for my age."

"It is really amazing! Using PRO800 for 20 minutes after a long flight gives me a good sleep till next morning. I am not afraid of jet lag anymore."

Disclaimer - PRO800 is a consumer relaxation product, not a substitute for professional medical care. Statements made above have not been evaluated by the FDA or other government agencies and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any medical conditions or diseases.


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